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Packages & Rates

DvD / Video Services  

Capture and replay your Adrenaline Pumping Gator and or Hog Hunt. Using Go Pro Cameras we can film, edit, and burn your trip on DVD for you to share with family and friends back home. There's no denying the action packed fist pumping adventure you had when all you have to do is press play to relive it. Please let us know when you book your trip so we can be sure to have the camera on board. $150

Successful Gator Hunting in Florida

Sport Gator Hunt - $800

Guaranteed 4-6 Foot Gator 'Year Round Hunting'

These gators are great for anyone looking to experience a gator hunt on a budget. These gators have razor sharp teeth and bad attitudes just like their big brothers. Great for lifesize mounts that don't take up a lot of room.  *GREAT FUN!   *NO TROPHY FEES!   **2 FREE Non Hunting Guests

** Reserve your tag today with a $300 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.

Charter Hunts/Public Land - $800

Lucky Enough to Have your own tag... Awesome! We guide all across the state of Florida during the public land season and are glad to guide you to your gators. Most of our hunters fill both tags in 1 night. Hunt by air boat or by bay boat, the choice is yours! We are glad to make this the top notch experience you are looking for. Don't get frustrated and burnt out, let us help you bag your beasts!

** Reserve your tag today with a $300 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.

Get Bit Extreme Adventures Gator Hunting Success!

Trophy Gator Hunt - $1500

Guaranteed 7-9 Foot Gator  'Year Round'  This Hunt Sells Out Every Year!

Hunting a 7-9 foot Gator is a great size for anyone looking for an adventure that they will never forget. Ranging from 80-200lbs depending on length and girth, these gators like to fight and put on a show. This size range provides great table fare and the hides have some of the pretiest patterns for making leather products. Belts, Boots, Wallets, Purses, etc.. all come out looking like a million bucks. This hunt guarantees you a gator in the 7 to 9 foot range.

  *TONS OF FUN!! *NO TROPHY FEES! **2 FREE Non Hunting Guests

** Reserve your tag today with a $500 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.

Night Hunt - $1500

Guaranteed Gator, No Size Minimum No Size Maximum, No Trophy Fees!

Where our other hunts are available year round, this hunt is Only Available Aug 15 - Nov 1.

Often hunting by airboat these hunts generally start around 5pm and run into the evening taking the excitement to another level! Whether you snag your gator on a fishing rod or run up and harpoon one from the airboat, this is an action packed hunt! The average gator taken on this hunt is in the 7ft range with many large gators taken every year. The fun is in the rush regardless of the size, this is a hunt you will never forget! Tags are extremely limited, this is one of our most popular hunts. Call Capt. Kevin and reserve your tag now before it is too late!

** Reserve your tag today with a $500 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.

**Tags, Weapons, Boat, Guide, and All Gear are Provided with your hunt.

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Brothers Double up on Trophy Gator Hunt!

Swamp Monster Gator - $3000

Guaranteed 9' to 12' Gator  - 'Year Round' Our Most Popular Hunt - Reserve Today -We sell out of these tags every year!

Ready to battle with a Beast? These gators are big, mean, and used to being at the top of the food chain. When it comes to going toe to toe with these beasts you better have eaten your wheaties because they flat out put it to ya. You are in for the fight of your life! Ranging from 250-700lbs, 9 to 12 foot gators are extremely territorial and defend their home turf. We scout our properties and keep a close eye on these big guys so we can put you right on them. Eating everything they can get a hold of, including other gators, the Mass and Adrenaline pumping power you'll experience on this hunt is Amazing! NO TROPHY FEES, we will get you the biggest gator we can!

*BIG FIGHT *BIG FUN! *NO TROPHY FEES!   **2 FREE Non Hunting Guests

** Reserve your tag today with a $500 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.

Dinosaur Gator Hunt - $4000

Guaranteed 10 foot minimum - 'Year Round Gator Hunting'   -We sell out of these tags every year! 

Looking for the Biggest Baddest Gator possible to add to your Trophy Room? These roman nosed shovel headed beasts are Massive! The power they unleash is second to none and it makes the fight all that more fun! For some hunters it has to be over 10ft, believe me, we understand and we flat get it done! Gators this big are feeding on cows, hogs, deer, and other'em who's boss and book your hunt today.  This hunt guarantees you a gator over 10 feet. NO TROPHY FEES we will get you the biggest gator we can!

 The Meat, Head, Hide, Teeth, etc... are all yours!! We gladly transport your gator to a local processor and taxidermist. You are welcome to visit their show room to take a look at the different options to show off your Trophy Gator!


** Reserve your tag today with a $500 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.

**Tags, Weapons, Boat, Guide, and All Gear are Provided with your hunt.

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We work with the best taxidermists in the state to make sure your trophy is preserved exactly how you want it. We take care of transporting your gator for you.  You are more than welcome to ride with us and look through their show room to help you decide how you want to show off your trophy.  Pricing varies depending on the size of the gator and the work you want done, we let you work with the taxidermist directly to find what works best for you. To give you an idea, ball park price on a 9' gator head is $325.

Processing / Meat

Gators - Gator Meat is delicious and always a hit as a rare treat with the friends and family. The processors that we use are state licensed and do an amazing job cleaning/deboning/tendorizing your trophy. They pack and freeze your gator meat ready to drive or fly back with you. If you'd rather they send the meat, they do a great job ensuring is arrives fresh and frozen for you. Processing averages $18 per foot depending on the size of the gator. You can also trade with the processor. They will process the meat for free if you give them the hide or vice versa. 

Hogs - Wild Hog Meat is full of flavor and some say is even better than deer meat. We will skin and quarter your hogs for $25 as gratuity to the guide. Further processing is available in regards to sausage, chops, etc.. Yummy!!

Hog Hunting - 

Year Round Fun for Everyone!

- No Trophy Fees - No License Needed - Free Skinning / Quartering - Free Loaner Weapon - Awesome Swamp Buggies!

Sport Hogs / Meat Hogs - $275 per hog.    -2 Free Non Hunting Guests

Pile'm Up!! -  $250 each when you reserve a hunt for 4 or more Hogs. 

Trophy Boar- Big Cutters  -  Big Attitude  - Big Wild Boar!! Guaranteed to have a min 2 inch teeth/cutters these bruisers are a great addition to any hunters trophy room.  $475

Swamp Slam - Add a hog to any 6'-9' or 9'-12' Gator hunt for $225

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Florida Turkey Hunt


Two Day Hunt including the harvest of one Turkey. Most of our clients harvest their bird the first trip out but a second day is included if needed.


This hunt is for two people to each harvest their own bird. Two days of hunting are included if needed but again most of our clients bag their bird the first day. **Team up with a buddy or a family member and come have the time of your life!!

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Boca Tarpon Fishing

Morning or Hill Tide (evening): - $600

The Morning trip typically starts around 6:00 and ends around noon while the Hill Tide 'evening' trip typically starts around 1 and ends around sunset. Depending on what the fish are doing and your preference, we'll either send'm flying in the pass with conventional gear, or stick 'em along the nearby beaches and Charlotte Harbor with spinning tackle. We will gladly adjust the time of your trip to accommodate your needs, the fishing is always on FIRE in Boca Grande! Additional time available at $100 an hour

Silver King: - $800

This trip gives anglers a chance to experience the best of Boca Grande with a solid amount of time behind the rod. Starting around 6:00 we typically fish till 11:00 before swinging in to a local marina for lunch and to cool off before heading back out to fish the backside of the tide. Ending roughly around 3:00, this trip offers anglers an extra hour free in order to stay fresh all day by taking in some AC and good food in between workouts. Additional time is available at $100 an hour.

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Iron Man: (Strongly Recommended) - $1000

Starting around 6:00am we typically fish till around noon with a quick run to a local marina restaurant to have lunch and cool off after pulling on Tarpon all morning. Once re-energized we'll head back out to fish the Afternoon/Sunset bite from roughly 2-7. This trip is by far the most enjoyable with a nice break in the middle of the day to re-energize before going back into battle with the Tarpon of Boca Grande. Fishing both the morning and evening tides, anglers have the opportunity to experience the ABSOLUTE BEST OF BOCA GRANDE!! The morning is typically packed with non stop action and intensity while the evening is very relaxing casting spinning rods to pods of tarpon as they cruise along the beach while the sun sets over the gulf. It is a great way to end an action packed day without ever feeling pressed for time. Depending on the Moon phase, the later half of this trip often takes place during the World Famous Boca Grande Hill Tide.

**This trip is essentially a Silver King and Hill Tide trip combined saving you $400!

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